Christmas Break Recap!


So the tail end of 2016 did not go to plan, lots of personal issues prevented me from really sinking my teeth into my work, and in the end I had two weeks off and basically just gave up and resigned myself to playing some games and relaxing. Which I did with abandon!

However. That doesn’t mean I’m planning on quitting on you 😉 wheels are still turning, code is still being written, in-spite of being extra busy at work these days.


Coming up next (hopefully this weekend) is a tutorial on building a simple UI stack that you can use to transition between multiple functional screens in your game. Something that is super useful for basically anything that’s going to be UI-heavy.

I’ll also be updating all of the previous tutorials with slightly better formatting over the next couple of days. Nothing fancy just a bit of readability improvement for the code snippets.

So look out for that. I’m still planning on doing most of the things in my roadmap,  but now that I have less free time it’s an issue of picking my battles, so I’ve got to be careful what I commit to in-case I don’t have the time to finish it. The barbarian game is most definitely still happening although its form has changed significantly and I may not have a lot to show for a while.


  • The A Drain
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