Busy Busy – Upcoming Projects for 2016/2017

The second half of 2016 sure has been busy already! I’ve been working pretty much flat out but it’s actually really great to be able to do so again and stay motivated most of the time. Work proper is taking up the majority of my time at the moment.

Don’t worry! I’ve definitely got more tutorials planned, including a new full game series for Sokoban in Unity.

I’m intending to use this place as a bit more of a development journal/blog alongside my tutorials, so I figured I’d do a list of all the projects I’m hoping to tackle in the final quarter of 2016 as well as the first of 2017. Something of a reminder to myself/commitment.

Upcoming Projects for 2016 and early 2017. Expect the chess update soon followed by the Sokoban game.


update: I’de totally forgotten this was coming up! So this week is the 5th Gameboy Jam, perfect accompaniment to the stuff I’ve been working on lately so I’m currently taking part in that. I’ll do a post-mortem on it afterwards.

Chess Revamp

Due to how insanely busy I’ve been at work, and working on the Project: Barbarian King prototype, I’ve not had time yet to re-visit the gameboy style Chess game I made, but I do plan on fixing the remaining bugs and implementing checkmate detection.

Here’s a peek at the new title screen and palette-swap options!


I’ll also probably convert the project into a full game tutorial some time in the future if there is any demand for it.

Sokoban (Full Game Tutorial)

I’m currently planning and designing a full Sokoban style game to base a tutorial on. Sokoban has been done to death, but I wanted to work on a little variant that I could use to help me get more experience putting together full tutorials, and I’m working with my good friend Miso who’s going to produce some bespoke artwork for the game, so I’m super excited to get that underway soon when things quieten down at work.

I had initially planned to do this in HTML5, I even wrote a prototype in ImpactJS, but I think what I’m going to do for the moment is concentrate on actually implementing the game itself. Then if that goes off without a hitch, I may look into porting it to HTML5 via GameMaker or ImpactJS so that it can run across devices in a browser.

This is going to be the next sizeable project I’m going to tackle with an aim to finish it before Christmas so I can start an entirely new project in the new year…

Project: Barbarian King Prototype

First thing this needs is a much better working title… But yeah, this project is taking off pretty quickly and I’m really enjoying the time I’m putting into it. But there’s an awful lot of work to do to get it anywhere near playable.

One thing I’m wary of however, is becoming burned out on this project as it’s quite large. So I’m going to be working on it in short bursts between other projects, particularly as there’s a lot of things I can break down into smaller sub-projects, for example I can take a break from code by working on a chunk of the artwork or map layouts. I’m planning to use working on this project as a bit of a reward for finishing some of the other things I have planned.

Uckers App


“It’s a bit like Ludo, but it’s not Ludo.”

This should be a really interesting project, I wanted to tackle another board game after Chess because I found implementing that to be a fun challenge.

Uckers is a really interesting variant of Ludo that seems to be only played in the Navy, I was introduced to it at a biker rally that was mainly ex-servicemen attending. It plays a lot like Ludo but has some interesting strategy layers to it, and a very interesting cheat mechanic which will be difficult to reproduce digitally (it’s only cheating if you get caught!) so this should be quite a fun challenge, and potentially a game I can use to dip my toes into the world of online multiplayer for mobile devices.

It should also help improve my event queue system and I can learn more about implementing board games with this project. This is one for early/mid 2017.

Hopefully this lot should keep me busy in the evenings for quite a while!


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